HumanBillboard.com.au is operated by Für Jedermann Pty Ltd.

 A entrepreneurial endeavour with a consistent belief in the importance of having an adventurous, charismatic and imaginative life 


 Don't forget yours :-)






HumanBillboard.com.au (Für Jedermann Pty Ltd) began in Early 2012 in Melbourne, Australia as a mobile advertising company that believed by putting a memorable smile on it's viewers though the use of advertising mediums that were both unique and charismatic ( i.e Penny farthings and 1950's scooters), it could represent something a little more than just the smile it provoked.


In 2016, with a collection of customers, we adapted into a worldwide sales and distribution company for the varying forms of human billboards, look walkers, roaming billboards, backpack billboards and walking billboards. Including some of the newer custom additions; mobile LCD and LED Billboards. With the expanding interest in these products we continued to offer campaign implementation through our media partners across Australia. 


Adding to our product lists joined the army of illuminated advertising bike billboard trailers. 


Worldwide delivery was kept cost effective by having a heavy online presence, with direct shipping from our various manufacturers straight to your doorstep, saving much of the expenses caused by agents, importers and retailers. 


The quality of our products have been produced by a detailed filtering process, eliminating poor quality goods and making sure we only supply the best of the best. We stand behind our products and hide nothing about them.


We offer inclusive guarantees on all our products, with warrantees on all electrical parts and components. We want you to keep on smiling and be proud you have made the right choice, so if something ever goes wrong, please just get in touch. 


If you have any time leftover, please take a look around our website, we've got some great things.


Once you've finished, let us know what further information you would like from us for a smooth trade, and hopefully, one fine day, we'll be able to work on something together.

​​​All the best with whatever your project contains, We're here if you need us.


Your good friend,


Human Billboard



Howdy folks, here we offer a friendly and honest business, that's not trying to be anything else but itself. 


www.humanbllboard.com.au is our home, and a place to just be yourself, irrelevant of what size business or company you represent. We're here to assist in marketing your brand in a effective and positive way with products that provide attention and awareness. Trust in the content of your business and show freely the belief in your brand. 


We're also open to communication here.

Don't like something that we're doing? Break it to us gently.

Don't think our prices are fair? Make us a deal!

Want something for free? We'll see what we can rustle up in the shed.


So, no hiding, let us together express your message and share your creations!


All the very best,


(The guy in the photo)