Human Billboards can assist with providing:


Positive brand awareness, knowledge and image, as well as assisting in preference conviction of your brand to the consumer.


A favourable influence on sales, in addition to acting as a "reminder medium" that helps register your brand in achieving a top-of-mind recall when the “want” in the buyer needs to be fulfilled


Higher recall rates "Advertising on movable type media has been shown to provide high recall rates [J. David Lichtenthal, Professor of Marketing , Baruch College, City University of New York, 2004]


Some of the advantages are:


When compared with other mediums like television or magazines, is that your audience can’t zap, discard or even click away from it.” [Business Wire, Dec. 4, 2002 on outdoor movable media]


They have the unique ability to provide a message constantly and consistently to a select target market or multiple individuals simultaneously "allowing a brand to surpass the threshold level of awareness, thus achieving meaningful additions in the brand” [Hutt & Speh, 2001]


Human Billboards can be used effectively to direct consumers to specific locations, i.e within a trade show.


They use a form of "Permission Marketing” "Where the consumer reaches to the message as opposed to the medium reaching the customer" [Terminology: Association of National Advertisers]


It's affordabilility, when compared to other forms of mobile advertising such as scooter or truck advertising.



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